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my goal is to make dumb stuff.

dumb is simple.

dumb is smart.

dumb is fun(ny).

dumb is the kind of work that makes you feel dumb for not thinking of that idea first.

here are
the awards
i’ve helped win

1x grand prix 3x gold 6x silver 3x bronze 9x shortlist

one show:
1x silver 1x bronze 10x shortlist

2x graphite 3x wood 1x shortlist

2x gold 2x silver 1x shortlist

1x bronze 4x shortlist

london international:
1x grand 2x gold 1x silver 1x bronze

new york festival:
2x gold 2x finalist 3x shortlist

1x gold 1x shortlist

2x silver 1x bronze 2x finalist

1 bronze

additional recognition:
the drum social grand prix
the drum social finalist
adage a-list idea and campaign of the year
adage creativity content marketing of the year
adweek best use of social media
adweek experiential best use of community

adweek experiential awards best use of social

comm arts in annual
directory magazine issue 58 winner/in-issue

here’s even more 
info since you’re
all the way down here

i’ve been working on wendy’s at vmly&r since 2017, leading a team of 20+ creatives to help wendy’s expand its presence in social and digital, specifically in gaming, gaining the brand and the agency their first cannes grand prix for keeping fortnite fresh in 2019.

the following year, i pushed to expand wendy’s reach in the gaming community, growing the brand’s twitch following to over 100k and earning the coveted partner status, reserved for only the top 1% of all twitch streamers. these efforts led to more success at the following cannes festival, with another gold and silver lion.

additionally, i’ve helped win dozens of other awards at cannes, one show, d&ad, adc, clios, andys and effies... as you can tell from that list above.

before joining vmly&r, i worked on royal caribbean and today’s military at mullenlowe in boston, red bull and honda at kastner, lexus at team one, applebee’s and turkish airlines at cp+b in los angeles, and nintendo at leo burnett in chicago.

and somewhere in the middle of all that, i even started my own little agency with some friends. back in the early 2010s, we cracked the code on “viral” videos for brands (remember those briefs... yikes) and helped the likes of coke, latam air and yahoo (rip) get millions and millions of views and even more in earned media impressions. my favorite one was for nordictrack. here’s the original that turned into such a hit, it was adapted for a performance on america’s got talent. 

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